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Range Rules
1.        Anyone under the age of 18 may use the Range ONLY under the direct parental supervision of an adult.

2.        All firearms are to be un-loaded when not on the firing line.

3.        No objects shall be placed as targets on or against the target frames, or thrown in the air on the rifle or pistol ranges to be shot at.

4.        No Alcoholic beverages allowed on property.  With the exception of club parties held after the Range has closed.  During this time   
    Firearms will not be allowed on property.

5.        Handling of firearms after consuming alcohol is prohibited.

6.        It is the shooter's responsibility to clean up his / her trash including materials used as targets.

7.        All shooting activities shall be conducted from designated shooting points ONLY.

8.        All local, state and federal laws must be observed at all times.

9.        Willful destruction of range property will not be tolerated.  Any damage done to range equipment by shooter will be charged to the
    shooter. You break it, you bought it.

10.      No shooting of domestic animals, farm animals or wildlife on range property.

11.      Keep your weapon unloaded and cased or holstered until you enter the range.

12.      DO NOT enter the store with a loaded firearm.

13.      No sideways or gangster handling of firearms.

14.      No offensive or gang affiliated clothing is allowed.

15.      Pants must be worn correctly without any undergarments showing. NO SAGGING

16.      When leaving range area, make sure firearms are unloaded and in a safe condition.

17.       INSTANTLY obey the commands of a Range Officer, Range Safety Officer, and or Range Master.

18.       You may go forward of the firing line only when all firearms are unloaded, have actions open, and are resting on a bench, and all
     shooters are clear of their firearms. The Rifle and Pistol ranges must both be clear, and a visual confirmation must be made by a
     Range Safety Officer to the Range Master.  The Range Master will give final approval of an “All Clear” call. There is to be
     absolutely NO handling of firearms while there is anyone down range and during all cease fires.

19.       Unload and "Make Safe" all firearms during a cease fire or when people are forward of the firing line.

20.       Actions must be open and firearms clear with magazine out, or bolts open at all times except when actually firing. All firearms
     must be cleared immediately after firing, and no loaded firearm may be allowed to rest on a bench unattended. Loaded firearms
     are to be handled on the firing line only.

21.       When shooters are on the firing line, firearms must be pointed down range at all times, with the muzzle pointed below the top of
     the backstop, whether loaded or unloaded. If a misfire or hangfire occurs, keep the muzzle pointed down range for 1 minute, then
     clear the firearm. Notify Range Safety Officer and/or Range Master.

22.       Check your line of sight to your target. Your target must be attached to a target frame at such a height that the bullets will impact
     upon the backstop.

23.       Rifles and Pistols may be loaded to capacity at any time, but the practice of Rapid Fire will only take place with a Range Safety
     Officer present and permission from the Range Master.

24.       There is a ban on the use of any Incendiary/Tracer ammunition at the Range.

25.       SAFETY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY AT Dayton Gun Club & Range. It is the personal obligation of every member and guest to
     either correct, or, if necessary, report any violation of Range Rules and Procedure to Management, or to a Range Safety Officer.
     Please take corrective action politely. Talking or complaining about violators will not solve the problem.

26.      All the possible unsafe acts that may occur on the Range can not be covered in these Range Rules and Procedures. Any such
    actions which are not covered in these rules shall be immediately subject to Management’s rulings, which will remain in.